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ARTUN BRIDAL, which has become the fashion of the sector with its special sewing in our boutique workshop in Izmir.
It continues its production with handmade wedding dresses and unique designs with all fashion elements, expanding its vision day by day.

It aims to become an international brand in the sector by making its name known not only to Turkey but also to more countries with its exports abroad.


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Our online store is dedicated to creating innovative, smart and easy online shopping solutions,
It was founded by a group of experts with the same mindset. If you want to have a perfect shopping experience from start to finish,

 You can trust the expertise of ARTUN bridal gowns.

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This is a story. Actually, it’s your story, and how we fit into it.
You see, there’s a reason the wedding dress typically comes first in this crazy planning process. And it’s not because it’s “pretty” and it’s definitely not because it’s a piece of cake.

It’s because choosing a wedding dress is an honest, slice-of-life moment. It makes your engagement feel real, and you suddenly realize: This is it. Just like the moment you knew your fiancé was the one, you’ll know about your dress. And that’s where we come in. As your Columbus, Ohio Bridal Shop we’re on a mission to help you find your perfect dress at the perfect price point. And it starts with a click to our online appointment booking.

When you arrive, we’ll guide you through the entire appointment. Start to finish. You deserve a flawless wedding dress shopping experience. Let us help you have the perfect white dress moment.

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